System & Platform

Server Clusters


  • Working with the market leaders in the delivery of enterprise servers HP and Oracle/SUN, Bonema Technologies provides a complete range of servers and platforms. Ranging from standalone servers to complex blade arrays and business critical systems, HP and SUN blend leading technology with the experience of leading manufacturers. Running various flavours of Unix and Microsoft operating systems, the platforms come with a various monitoring and management software which makes operations easier to handle.




  • Every enterprise today needs to consider virtualised systems environments. This not only saves on capital investments, but also on energy, operations and support. Virtualisation offers a higher level of resiliency and backup, and makes complex server environments easy to manage. Working with RedHat, VMware and Microsoft, Bonema Technologies offer design, implementation and support of virtualised server and desktop environments.


Storage Management


  • With the data requirements of enterprises growing dramatically over the last years, managing storage deployment and support has become an increasingly complex and costly requirement. HP, SUN and Hitachi are three of the leaders we work with in the deployment of storage solutions which can cater for small business but can also scale to data centre requirements. Bonema Technologies will provide assistance in the design and deployment of such set-ups, making sure that the appropriate security and resilience is built into the systems







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