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ICT Strategic Review


  • ICT has today developed from being an element of infrastructure to becoming an important part of enterprise strategy. The definition and implementation of an enterprise wide strategic ICT roadmap is an essential element in the effectiveness and competitiveness of any organisation. Bonema Technologies can help organisations in this important exercise.


Network Audit and Design


  • The Network team can also come in and do an audit of an existing set-up and come up with recommendations for the improvement of the current set-up.


Business Application Review


  • Many companies have grown organically and have deployed over a number of years, various legacy software applications coming from numerous suppliers and on different platforms. This has led to situation were maintenance costs are high, there is a lot of manual re-inputting of data between systems, there are a number of customer databases, and it is difficult to get a high level management view of the operation. Bonema Technologies has experience in analysing existing set-ups and in then recommending a roadmap for the implementation of next generation solutions.







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