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Bonema Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a self funded family business, with no external debt and attracts quality staff due to its first to market innovations and creative management style. We are always working on making the workforce/place/asset efficient and productive, introducing responsive and value adding solutions fit for any organisation or individual user.


The Birth of Bonema

BONEMA stands for BO-KANG  NE-O  MA-EMILI  (BO-NE-MA), a family of 3 entrepreneurs and business professionals.


In 2014 Bokang developed the first Bonema Track, a real time tracking device that passed insurance certification with a perfect score, under both tracking and recovery. Bonema Track by then already had 10s data upload capability, pinpoint accuracy upto 5m and communicated on multiple gateways to counter signal jamming and inaccurate data reporting of false positives. This was just the start of more innovation with more in-housed product solutions for fleets, assets, POS solutions and voltage stabilizers.


We continue to persevere despite the environment being positioned to deter new entrants in the highly regulated and monopolized telematics and IT asset management industries. Our innovations speak for themselves; Bonema Tracking, Bonema Fleet Solutions, Bonema Fuel Management, Bonema FleetCam Solutions and our latest Bonema Asset Manager with The Bonema Magic Wand.


The Bonema Magic Wand is a wireless Scanner tool that reads and reconciles assets in a location in seconds. The latest Bonema innovation cuts down the asset verification process to a tenth.  Our barcode scanning tool allows you scan all assets simultaneously at the entrance of each location, without bending over or lifting a finder.


Imagine an Asset Management software system that pulls the below reports and reconciles them against the previous audit/maintenance, while reporting on deviations/descrapencies by JUST waving The Bonema Magic Wand across the room IN A MATTER OF SECONDS.. Well look no further Bonema Asset Manager is here.


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