Comms & Networks

Unified Communications


  • Unified Communications platforms offer one seamless interface to modern day business communication and collaboration needs. They integrate voice, video conferencing, e-mail, and instant messaging in one environment, which can be accessed in the office and via mobile devices. Integrating with other business applications, a unified communications set-up is today critical for businesses to improve their efficiency and be able to respond within expected timeframes.


Routing and Switching


  • The Bonema Technologies team has years of experience in the deployment of LAN and WANs and can handle projects which range from the IP requirements of a small business to the full implementation of large complex networks


Network Security


  • Networks carry internal confidential data. Malicious attacks can not only get access to this data but also cause downtime to various elements of an operation. Building security into a network, and ensuring that it is maintained is a complex task, and needs to be given its due attention. Bonema Technologies has the competence and experience to guide our clients on the best way to ensure that their networks are secure.


Network Monitoring and Management


  • Proper monitoring and management of network assets is important in keeping in control of traffic and network utilisation. It allows for proper usage and provisioning of different network assets to groups of users or particular applications. It also ensures proper investment decisions are taken on time to ensure that the network is being scaled to the growth requirements of the organisation.







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