Bonema Asset Tracking

Standardized process with professional reporting

  • Web-based Application (works on any smart device)
  • Real-time Asset life-cycle management and tracking
  • Track Assets in and out the office with no bounds in real-time
  • Inventory tools and software to perform audits in minutes (Introducing the Bonema Magic Wand- reads labels in a room in seconds, no line of sight required with upto 25m reading range)
  • Add Assets, Locations, Users, Vendors & Contracts
  • Field level security allows to set groups of users with rights
  • Home of the Bonema Magic Wand - Wireless Scanner that reads and reconciles assets in a location in seconds
  • Built in Checkout and Return module for Assets
  • Professional-grade data grid - highly customizable
  • Manage Lists of Assets and Build Custom Queries
  • Save digital documents to assets’ records
  • Track Serialized and Non-Serialized Assets in real-time
  • Administer and deploy changes which are instantly available to all the Web Users







Bonema Asset


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